About Betsy Moore

I'm a Mormon.

Growing up in a family of 7, Betsy soon found herself on the back of a bike before she could walk and traveling from coast to coast at a very young age. Her first long word to spell was "International", the model of the family car.

Climbing the jagged dry mountains of Arizona to the highest peaks of Africa, Betsy packs a powerful 30 years of experience into her travel and exploration voyages. She is an extraordinary planner and leaves nothing up for indecision. Organization, passion and network have allowed her to travel to more than 14 countries in a short span of 11 years.

Adrenalin junkie and beauty awe inspired, she loves to explore valley's and cliff's depending on your level of excitement.

You can count on her to make sure attention to every detail of your trip and adventure is planned with exquisite exactness to your benefit and joy.

Her degree in Parks and Tourism has convinced her that we play much too little and need to learn how to unleash our childlike curiosity and freedom to express our joy.

Feats include, but are not limited to, the three highest peaks in Utah, and Arizona. Kilimanjaro, Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon, AZ. Puerto Rican beaches, and zip lines. The Great wall of China, and Terracotta Warriors, Tasmanian boating and sea exploration. Bistro beach restaurant employee on the Baltic Sea. 

She is a certified scuba diver, former licensed clinician in massage, with a background in banking and property management. 

Her network is literally all over the world and can find the most luxurious of accommodations to tents on the plains of Mongolia. 

Her warmth and people skills allow her to ask the strangest of requests and to go where most people never go and see how people truly live. She's very inquisitive and holds the highest level of integrity. Booking a tour with Betsy will ensure your trip is unforgettable and a memory that will last a lifetime of fun, exploration, discovery and exuberance. 


A Note From Betsy:

Places I've explored: the summer solstice Alaska and the inner passage by ship. Melbourne Australia and the small islands of the south, French, Philip Island and Tasmania. Europe-Germany Northern territory with focus on Fehmarn Island, Restaurant internship. Visited neighboring countries, Sweden, and Denmark. Canada~ Calgary, competed in Stampede parade in the Marching Band, American Fork Utah. Mexico~ Cancun diving and Riveria cruise. Peru- Cusco and entire Western shores including inner cities of Cahamarca, Trujillo and of course Lima. Machu Picchu, and the Inca trail. 

 Whether you want to board down the sand dunes of Peru (Nazca) or snow shoe the Brian Head wilderness forest, I've done it. You can feel confident that if you can imagine it, I can deliver it. Actualize your wildest dreams and live your passion. I will attend to every detail of your trip to what you eat to what type of transportation you desire. I am very punctual person and you never have to worry about me delaying you. Do you lack a travel partner? Are you a bit hesitant about traveling abroad without foreign language skills? I've lived in Asia for 2 years and South America for 18 months. English is my native language. I can navigate for you through most countries in the world through my networking and experience.

Betsy Moore